Marco Reus leaving Borussia Dortmund?

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus could soon move away Westfalenstadion amid rising dissent with his bosses. It is unveiled when he returned back into the field after more than two months for a serious ankle injury he sustained during a pre-World Cup friendly against Armenia in June. For that reason he could not play in the world cup though was initially selected and now reports are coming that Bayern Munich could be his next home. Pep Guardiola interest in 25-year-old in not a new thing as he has already tried to sign him in the past with somewhere around 35 million Euros paycheck and now he is apparently willing to pay even bigger amount after club President Franz Beckenbauer issued a confident statement that Reus would play for them post 2015. Notably, German winger is contracted with Dortmund side until 2017 but there is a transfer clause and Munich is eyeing to trigger that one. Apart from Bundesliga side, he also got interesting offers from sides like Barcelona, Manchester United, and Arsenal but only preferred to remain in his home country for at least next few seasons; hence Beckenbauer statement about his future looks feasible. [Read more...]

Suarez set to play with Barca on Monday

After CAS upheld Luis Suarez’s four months ban given by the FIFA’s disciplinary committee last month though with some respite, Player of the Year is all set to play in the friendlier with Leon for his new side Barcelona coming Monday. This could be a mega boost in his moral that has seen a led down by repeated censuring of his biting act in the world cup match. This is rather unbelievable that we’d see him playing earlier than October but since CAS has restricted his ban to official matches only, he can not only board with his team for the matches but also impart in the friendly games. Manager Luis Enrique informed about inclusion of the former Liverpool forward in the game with Mexican champions Club.

Suarez career has been a kind of flip flop not for what he did on the field with his legs but for what he has done with his teeth and tongue, yes, he was first banned for seven games for biting PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal on his shoulder; he was playing for Ajax then. Later, he moved to Liverpool and again did the nasty act when bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic and suffered another ten matches ban. He had until been nicknamed as the former Apple employee and often showcased with bitten Apple over social networks. [Read more...]

Mourinho nulls reports of anything fishy in Lampard exit

This is a hard-hitting fact of contemporary soccer that every grown player becomes a surplus asset no matter how worthy he has been for any side during his career, once he crosses thirty or thirty five, teams find a way to let him out for young players – a tactic which is nowhere wrong in current competitive environment. Chelsea, the ruling league side and its highest goal scorer: 36-year-old Frank Lampard, are two topics every news source is discussing these days. Many are calling ousted of former Chelsea midfielder unfair while many are also taking it a right step taken by the brainy Jose Mourinho. However, on the other side, Portuguese manager is also calling their move to replace Lampard with Cesc Fabregas is not the move to disgrace anyone since no one can ever substitute Lampard in the team. He also lambasted all the stories that say Blues left their legendry player without renewing his contract, who is now playing for Manchester City on loan from New York City FC for first half of the English season.

Mourinho not only justified their decision to bring Fabregas at 30 million pounds but also said that any player like Lampard is simply irreplaceable. He added, they are targeting the English topflight this season which they just missed last year; hence they need player like Fabregas. Everyone knows Mourinho is a brainy pro who is known for his refined strategies, in fact, it was him who almost took the Blues to the top of league tally last season, and this time, he does not want to miss anything for their march to the top. He explained their decision to replace Frank and said, “Frank is Frank, he is irreplaceable, no chance. We have to forget Frank because as you know he is a very special man but very, very special player.

“I think we can never say, in spite of Cesc, who is a fantastic player as you know, you can never say, ‘This guy is coming to replace Frank’, because Frank is Frank. One day he will be with Peter Osgood in a statue because he’s fantastic.”

Justifying Fabregas selection for the job he added, “Fabregas is the player we need to modify a little bit the profile of our game, which we need. We want to give the next dimension to our game in midfield and Fabregas is this kind of player which I like to call ‘the 7′, because he’s not the 6 and he’s not the 8. Normally the 7 is the winger, I also call the 7 the guy in midfield who’s not the 6, he’s not the 8. Or he’s a 6 and 8 at the same time. So he’s a 7 and we need him a lot.”

CAS to verdict over Suarez case by next week

Uruguayan international Luis Suarez’s nightmare of serving a lengthy ban could end soon as the court of Arbitration for Sport, where he appealed against his ban, is expected to issue final verdict on his inhuman act during a world cup match where he bit Italian player. Actually, biting has never been a new thing for the former Liverpool star as he has already done this over two occasions in the past but since this time it was done in front of the world that too during a world cup game, it put severe pressure over FIFA to sanction a strict penalty. Accordingly, they not only debarred him for nine months but also banned him for ten international matches along with a hefty monetary fine. There have been enough debates over the incident, in fact, FIFA has already dismissed his first appeal over the sanction last month and that is why he moved to international sports arbitrator. To attend the hearing, player of the year arrived here at Lausanne, Switzerland, on Friday itself to be in the court room during the trial. [Read more...]

Rodgers has no regrets for missing Van Gaal as the Director of Football at Anfield

Liverpool and Manchester United look to be the hottest teams in upcoming English season not because they used to be so, but because of the Van Gaal who apparently refused the offer to server the Reds as director of football. Some media channels reveal manager Brendan Rodgers did not want to work under the Dutch pro while Irishman thinks slightly otherwise. Although, he misses the mentor like Gaal but never regrets of the lost opportunity. Now, when both the teams are going to meet in the preseason event’s final on Monday every eye would surely be over United show against the last season’s runner up and how Rodgers proves that his side is better than newly powered United army. It was 2012 when Liverpool bosses called Gaal for an interview after sacking of Kenny Dalglish, but according to some sources, Irish manager had already convinced the owner John W Henry that he does not need any senior figure above him if he they are thinking to hire former Barcelona pro as the Director of Football. Knowingly, he told the club owner that there used to be bitter relations between the two when they were working together for Reading back in 2009; in fact, it was 62-year-old Netherlander that forced the Reading bosses to sack him within just six months of duty. [Read more...]

Liverpool sign its eye-candy Divock Origi from Lille

English clubs seem to be hyper active during this transfer window thanks to early exit of national English side from the world cup that gave enough time to league sides to target players of their choice and start implementing their aspiring list right at the beginning of summer transfer window. After Manchester United, especially their new manager Gaal, it’s time for the Liverpool to add more beauty into its side via hiring brilliant talents from around the world. Adding another firing option into their forward line, Liverpool has signed a loan deal with Ligue 1 club Lille for Belgian forward Divock Origi for one season. Origi is the same player who has had the brilliant campaign in the Brazil last month and took his national side to the quarterfinals. Although, he did not began among the team’s starting elven but somehow found the opportunity in the match with Russia and capitalized on it with a beautiful winner. Although, none of the sides have revealed about the amount involved in the loan transfer but close sources have informed that Reds have paid somewhere around ten million pounds for the nineteen year old which is way too decent for the player of his age. [Read more...]

Gaal strives for more wing-backs

Manchester United is getting a new look in each of the areas it faced criticism for in the last season. Newly appointed Dutch manager Louis van Gaal has revealed his attempt to strengthen his back with more variation as he reportedly wants to implement a 3-4-1-2 formation this season – something that he has been successfully with in the world cup. The Brazil world cup showcased the perfect combination of wing-backs in the Netherland side that enabled them to sustain much lesser goals per match than their previous world cup appearances and that is why Gaal wants to use his innovative field spread in the England as well. The last year’s wing-back commandments Patrice Evra and Alexander Buttner are already sold out and in place Dutchman hired Luke Shaw and Reece James to decorate his first English side in the friendlies with Roma and LA Galaxy with good results. Besides, there are other options as well for the new manager like right-back Rafael da Silva who has now recovered from his world cup injury and winger Antonio Valencia who can also be used in defensive area. [Read more...]

No Real for Falcao this summer: Carlo Ancelotti

Spanish clubs are surely the ruling aspiring places for every player who wants to sustain a longer successful career and, for this reason, every eye is over sides like Real Madrid and Barcelona to figure out the players they are interested in. As far Real is concerned, reports were coming that they are interested in 28-year-old Colombian striker Radamel Falcao on loan for some 12.5 million euros plus a salary with a clause to make him permanent in the next season based on his show. But now, club manager Carlo Ancelotti has denied of any new signing this summer especially striker. He nulled all the reports that say they are looking for someone to tune with Karim Benzema in the forward line. [Read more...]

Alvaro Negredo fractured his metatarsal, otherwise bad for Manchester City

English premier league season 2014-15 is about to begin and Manchester City suffered its first blow when Spanish striker Álvaro Negredo fractured his fifth metatarsal bone sidelining him for almost months off the field. This could be serious for the side since they are already passing through a restriction on number of foreign players. Yes, if you remembered correctly, Manchester City was among the biggies who found violating the FFPs recently and after lots of media statements, UEFA had to impose a limit on number of non-homegrown players they can play in both English and Championship Leagues. The fracture happened in the friendly between City and Hearts when 28-year-old injured his leg. He himself informed about the gravity of the fracture via his Instagram account where he wrote, “I want to let you know that it’s going to be hard for the next few months, I fractured my 5th metatarsal and will be out a few months. I will be back stronger than ever.” [Read more...]

Wenger eyes on Balotelli though refuses to add more strikers this summer

Arsenal seems to be entering into the premier league from the point they left in the last season. Yes, they look like to repeat their dream run in English topflight; however manager Arsene Wenger has no plan to sign any new striker into the side. Notably, Wenger has ever been a great supporter of extracting most out of your available strength rather spending big in a hotchpotch and buy pricy players without any real difference in the field performance. Following his style of mentoring, French football manager recently said they have enough meat into their team hence there is no need to throw unreasonable money over aspiring players. Notably, he raised his confidence with the present forward line after a high-profile switch by Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona otherwise many reports suggested he has had a core interest in the AC Milan controversial striker Mario Balotelli despite the fact that he had condemned English playing conditions many times off late. As far upcoming winter transfer window is concerned, Wenger would surely be eyeing on his long awaited players like Joel Campbell who has had an a dream world cup campaign playing for his national side Costa Rica thanks to his work permits in England that allowed him play on English soil.

Since, 64-year-old’s recent comments over new signings was categorically pointed towards the forward line, he agrees over the need of strengthening other areas including almost everything else like goalkeeper, midfielders, and defenders. What he said in his recent interview is, “Up front we don’t need any more. It’s not especially for numbers. We need a goalkeeper for sure and, after that, it depends on how our midfielders get through without injuries until the start of the season. Maybe at centre-back we’ll still bring one in.”

If rumors are to be believed, Milan’s Balotelli could move out of San Siro very soon for his recent verbal spat with club Vice President Barbara Berlusconi who remarked him as the replaceable commodity at AC Milan, and if it happens, Wenger would surely like to add him into his frontline no matter what he had said before. For now, Milan has informed to have not received any formal request for the former Manchester United forward. What Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani said, is, “There is nothing from Arsenal. We have not received any offer and at this time.”