FIFA asks officials to return Parmigiani watches they received as gift during world cup

Today, soccer is known to be the biggest sports brand hence every time a world up, which is the biggest event of the game, comes by, FIFA disciplinary committee strengthens its protocols in respect of what should be or what should not be done by all the participants including representatives from all over the world. But this is also true that classic word: bribe has now taken a more contemporary approach and the things you want any top official should do for you can be very well compensated by ‘other’ means. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about just concluded Brazilian world cup and a precious gift distributed by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to all 32 countries representatives along with FIFA executive committee members and member associations in South American confederation CONMEBOL: A Parmigiani watch, which was in tune of 16000 pounds, however, CBF has said it had paid $8,750 U.S. for each watch. Now, FIFA ethics committee has found it to be against the rules for any representatives to accept such a priciest gift hence asked all the beneficiaries to return it by Oct 24 else proceedings would be initiated against them. [Read more...]

Bayern Munich players are too expensive for the Manchester United: Pep Guardiola

This is a common belief that English clubs are way too rich to throw out anything for players they want the most and its holds especially true for the sides like Manchester United, but there is another side of this story and that is it is the English centered media which spread these kinds of rumors otherwise there are many sides who are more powerful and enriched than any English side to shell out anything under the sun for a player of choice. Yes, we are talking about giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and not to forget German powerhouse Bayern Munich which is hardly come into the news for any exaggerated buying but it is true that these sides are not known for releasing their key players for peanuts and this is what coach Pep Guardiola also believes. He recently targets United newly appointed manager Louis van Gaal and said he can’t afford to buy Munich players even if he is known for spending over 150 million over new signees since his arrival to Old Trafford. Clearly, he was hinting towards recent attempts from the Dutchman to sign several Bundesliga players including forward Thomas Mullerto to add more options at the center but failed on each of them and had to satisfy with other alternatives. [Read more...]

Steven Gerrard desperate for at least a quarterfinal finish in Champions League

Steven Gerrard

Champions League has ever been the biggest platform for all European clubs to showcase their dominance in world soccer and if you belong to a side who has long been not qualified for the biggest soccer show, it pains even more. Liverpool is one such side who had been missing the UEFA tourney for a long time but this year they are in thanks to their brilliant show in the last premier league season where they ended among the top four to claim a deserving space on European front. This season is hence special not only for the teammates but for manager and especially for captain Steven Gerrard who now targets Champions league and sets at least a quarterfinal finish to sustain their supremacy over Europe. Gerrard has said to have warned all the colleagues to give their best in the league as well UEFA events so they could again enjoy the glorious moments Liverpool used to have in its golden period. The 34-year-old midfielder even agreed to have been jealous off their league rivals who had been playing in the CL in past years, but this year, they are back to challenge any European side in world’s biggest soccer hub. [Read more...]

Pele’s priceless advice to Brazil soccer team

It has always been appalling if a team, who has had ruled the soccer world for years, starts getting below the mark not only on the field but in every department of the game. We know, a defeat is not the result of just ninety minutes, but it is the sad outcome of weeks or years, sometimes, hardcore preparation and if a side is constantly failing to sustain its lead on international circuit, it is expected that former greats would talk about why their side is not able to achieve what they are eligible for. This is something that is being happened with Brazil national soccer team who is undoubtedly one of the most powerful teams in the world today, but sadly, they could not do any magic in the last world cup which happened to be hosted by them only. Pele, the legendary Brazilian who ruled the game for almost fifteen long years, has talked about why Brazil missed the first domestic world cup in more than five decades. Though, he did not say anything new but his intentions were clear that no team can win matches relying on concentrated talent, he was talking about Neymar, the home grown product, and why whole Brazilian team was depending over him to win a world cup. [Read more...]

Ronaldo talks about Di Maria’s new role at Manchester United

It has ever been difficult to fill the space of any legendary player in any team and if it is a high profile side, pressure multiplies in itself. Wearing a number seven T-shirt is something that is a dream for every player but it also carries lots of responsibilities to prove himself in every aspect. We are talking about Manchester United’s newly signed 26-year-old Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria who recently switched from Real Madrid to league side for some sixty million pounds. He is going to wear a No 7 T-shirt for his new side which has been wore by some United’s great including George Best and Bryan Robson in the past. It is actually a promotion for the former Real star coz here he is being taken as the leading player while at Santiago Bernabéu, his caliber used to be overshadowed by sky mounting starts like Ronaldo. Surprisingly, Ronaldo has congratulated Maria for being his parallel in terms of placement on the field but also warned him about the liabilities No 7 carries with it. [Read more...]