Juan Bernat ties knock with Bayern Munich

In its endeavor to fill the side with young talent, German side Bayern Munich has signed Valencia’s twenty-one-year old midfielder Juan Bernat at a reported figure of ten million Euros. Though, the actual amount paid is not confirmed but close sources have said it to be somewhere in that range plus performance add-ons. The speculations of this deal were in the air for some time now after Bernat expressed his desire to play with the German side several times off late. It was his wish to be with Allianz Arena side that disheartened other aspirants of him including biggies like Manchester United. The latest deal is said to be for next five years after player passes the medical tests and other formalities regarding his personal terms. Actually, these days, teams around the world are strikingly being attracted towards young players, especially English, Spanish, and German sides have largely been luring for growing talents in the beginning of their careers itself. With the arrival of 21 year old left-back Munich’s mid line of attack has further decorated along with Thiago Alcantara and Javi Martinez. [Read more...]

Brazilians okay with crying during or after the games: Scolari

Brazil could be just another participant in the world cup but they take this FIFA event much more than what it has been for any other nation. Brazilians are known to die for the soccer and world cup, being the biggest exhibition of footballing skills, has ever been a hot target of this South American nation. We have seen how several players were weeping after their dramatic win in the pre quarterfinal against Chile and now when they are up to face Colombia, a rather tough opponent, on Friday, they have become even more sentimental than ever before. Typical example is their training session where many players could not stop their tears coming out, in fact Neymar, Julio Cesar, and David Luiz actually cried during their national anthem. This is an exclusive respect being given by the hosts to this game. Even Brazilian media is not brave enough to say anything against their national team; however, many channels are asking them to improve mental strength if they want to overcome Colombians. [Read more...]

Portuguese ousted from the world cup, US enter into next stage

Portugal finally ousted from the world cup despite using their all fire in the match with Ghana that they won by 2-1 but this margin was not enough to improve their goal difference that deteriorated with their inaugural loss to Germany by 4-1. Captain Ronaldo who had earlier been suspected to even play in the tournament for an injury finally played in all the matches but could not guide his team to march into the next stage. Though, their point tally levels them with the US but since their goal difference is much lower than Americans, they would have to return back. On the other hand, United States surprisingly entered into the knock out round by overshadowing both Ghana and Portugal. In other words, Ronaldo and his world class army indirectly helped Americans to enter into the knock out stage at the cost of their own. Coach Paulo Bento accepted their inability to reach into the last sixteen and said, “We created a lot of opportunities and we deserved to win by a bigger margin which would have given us a chance to qualify. Of course the balance of our World Cup is negative. We didn’t achieve our first aim which was to progress to the second round of the competition. We have what we deserve. [Read more...]